Vol. 52 - September 10, 2008
  • Appoint request for Frankfurt Book Fair

  • Our Latest Titles


    Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt Book Fair 2008
    October 15th - 19th
    Japanese Writers' House / TranNet stand: X2 [Hall 6.2 LitAg]

    Dear Publishers & Agents,

    Japanese Writers' House are to attend forthcoming Frankfurt Book Fair to represent Japanese authors and publishers.
    In this issue, we would like to show you our latest titles, and to make an appointment to see you at the fair. To do so, please e-mail us when and where you would like a meeting to take place.

    If you are to come to Hall 6.2, feel free to drop by our stand X2.

    We look forward to meeting you.

    Best Regards,

    Japanese Writers' House / TranNet KK

    PS- For more information, please visit our website or write to us.


    Our Latest Titles

    'Massoud's War Massoud's War
    [Non-fiction, Photography]
    Hiromi Nagakura

    The hero of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Massoud. An unparalleled commander, feared as the "Lion of Panjshir" during the war with the Soviet Army, Massoud waged a fierce war against the Taliban, a regime strongly supported by Pakistan, as the chief commander of the anti-Taliban United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan (Northern Alliance). He was revered by many for not only his military genius, but also his good-natured character.

    More Info>> http://www.trannet-japan.com/ep/tjc_rights_dtl.asp?rt=R0000070

    Psychic Therapy Psychic Therapy: Your Soul's True Purpose
    [Self-Help, Spiritual]
    Kinue Shima

    This book has a very simple goal: to allow any reader to easily discover his or her true purpose in life, on his or her own. To this end, the book offers concrete advice, explains esoteric concepts using simple analogies, and introduces a set of concrete meditation/visualization exercises anyone can implement. The set of spiritual teachings presented here are founded on the concept that an "astral world" underlies our world.

    More Info>> http://www.trannet-japan.com/ep/tjc_rights_dtl.asp?rt=R0000068

    [Fiction, Mystery]
    Tetsutaka Shibata

    Motorcycle journalist and world adventurer Tetsutaka Shibata has constructed in TENGU a novel whose ambitions are as massive as its subject matter, weaving an intricate web of history, science, reportage, and fable that redefines the boundaries of the mystery/detective novel, thus establishing himself as a new and formidable voice in the genre. Having honed his craft in the field, the 50 year-old Tokyo writer has recently turned his pen to fiction writing, which he states as the fulfillment of a lifetime dream and the logical next step in the trajectory of his carefully considered career in letters.

    More Info>> http://www.trannet-japan.com/ep/tjc_rights_dtl.asp?rt=R0000062

    Space Lesson Space Lesson
    [Science, Education]
    Hitoshi Nakagawa

    What is beyond space? Do aliens really exist?
    This book gives you answers to your questions on the universe.

    More Info>> write to us

    Ikkyu Ikkyu
    Hiroshi Matsumoto

    Period novel about notable Zen monk Ikkyu.

    More Info>> write to us

    So I Need to Lose 15 Pounds So I Need to Lose 15 Pounds
    [Health, Manga]
    Shiho Torii

    "Lose 15 pounds (7kg) in 5 months," this was the task from an editor to a young illustrator Torii.
    >From Yoga to bowel cleanse, this book tells you about 27 methods that she tried.

    More Info>> write to us

    Tenken Festival Tenken Festival
    [Manga, Mystery]
    Yumiko Shirai

    In Kanwa era, people are still afraid of legend of the Eight-Forked Serpent.
    As Tenken Festival approaches, Saki desperately tries to hide herself from this legendary creature. Majima, her employee, is to know hidden reality of the legend with no intention. What is waiting for them? Will they survive from the Serpent?

    Winner of Japan Media Arts Festival 2007

    More Info>> write to us

    Yahweh, the Deity of Judaism, is the Wife-Goddess of Japanese mythology!
    Yuji Sano

    Reading the Old and New Testaments of the bible reveals many mysteries. They can be answered once you understand that "the bible is, in fact, the sequel to the narrative of Japanese mythology."

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