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TranNet is a unique Tokyo-based book translation company. We have been working closely together with countless Japanese publishers over the past decade, providing them with high quality-translation services and information on prospective rights from around the world. To date, our services have been enjoyed by nearly one thousand Japanese editors, who have been subscribing to our periodic newsletter on publishing rights. Many of them actively seek Japanese translation rights, so feel free to send us your rights catalogue, or even your latest proposal for a book to be published in your market.

If you have a Japanese representative, we will be happy to collaborate with them and promote your titles in Japan. The good news is that you will not incur any costs. Why? Because TranNet charges the Japanese publisher for translation services, and only after closing the sale. That's why there will be no conflict of interest whatsoever between you, your local representative, and us.

We have translated over one thousand titles, including those found in the The New York Times bestseller list, and are currently interested in the following genres.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us. You're welcome to send any proposals or suggestions.

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